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Love is a feeling who given by god to a pair of human to love and to understand each other. love itself can not be forced, it only working if both sides done. And love also can not be working if they’re more selfish, likewise love of a child to his mother. Many ways people can do to show his love including children. The children can do anything as proof of his love to mother. No one in this world a child who does not loving his mother.

Parenting a mother to her child is riches priceless from a mother so that her children can grows and develops become useful child. From a picture above, we know how we must be replying love mother who has already bring forth, caring for and educating us when mother never asked anything to us who has caring for us well until now.
As me, I’d love my mother so much, can never disclosed by words and can only disclosed by acts. I spent my free time with mom either yackety-yack together with sisters or doing something benefit in the house. My love is bigger to mother than father. Because, she was gave me everything since I was kid up to now.
Each child has ways to disclosing love. Depends on them how ways to showing their love againts their mother.


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