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A Meaning of Mother’s Day

What have you already given to your mother? it’s makes you always to think what have you done to your mother until now. Have you ever remembered how your mother has already begot you with fully struggle,  took care of you, treated you softly, always woke up on the midnight just to accompanied you when you’ve got ill, never hit you very a loud if you’re did a mistake, never tired to loving you? It’s so hard to be a great mother for you, no matter how hard her through it just for you as beloved child of her. She never asked anything from you, she only want you to be a great child for her.


Why there is only mother’s day celebration? That’s why you always wondered, isn’t ? As explained above that a mother never can be replaced with a father, why? Because mother has bore you to the world safely meanwhile she had to struggle hard to bring you out to the world, don’t ever to forget that. As child, we have a big role to keep us mother who has took care of us untill now. We are nothing without her beside us. Mother has given a big strenght to our life, she never tired prayer for her child. Who’s often spend of the time with us when we were child? Of course a mother. Until now, she always be there for us. She never left us as long as we still need her. Now, she has not as strong as ever anymore. So we have to treat her well like as well her treat us well. One thing important for us, don’t ever make her pain of your doings.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom, You will always be here inside of me never can be replaced by anything.



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